Mike Gerhardt, Proprietor

HTC Blinkfeed
HTC Innovation Studios • 2012

As the Android platform matured and Google continued to make improvements to the stock Android OS, differentiation became more challenging for device makers.

By 2012, HTC’s Sense software had also matured into a unique, cohesive user experience. HTC continued to release well-made and well-received device hardware. And yet the challenge remained how to stand out in an increasingly-crowded market for Android-based mobile devices.

In early 2012, planning and ideation began for the release of Sense 5 the following year. Early in the process, I helped drive clarity around user and company goals.

I then worked with a small team of visual and motion designers on multiple concepts centered around a stream of content on the home screen. This would help to further personalize the experience by bringing content ‘up’ from individual applications.

Our work culminated in a linear prototype for presentation to HTC’s CEO and other executives. Blinkfeed was introduced in 2013 and continues to be prominent feature of HTC’s phones.

Collaborators on this project included: Ashley Yousling (art direction); Jesse Penico (visual design); Allyson Tong (visual design); Antonio Alucema (motion design); Benjamin Bethurum (sound).

The video below was included in presentations to HTC executives for approval of this concept.