Mike Gerhardt, Proprietor

User experience & interaction design. .

Twenty years of experience with consumer electronics, applications, web and platforms. Practical solutions offered, with empathy for users and a holistic grasp of business, development and design. Extensive experience keeping projects moving and with delivering results.

Amazon Cloud Cam
Amazon • 2017

Lead interaction designer on the companion app for Amazon's first home monitoring camera. Focused on maintaining a simple, intuitive customer experience. Challenges included maintaining this CX focus while working with multiple design teams across different groups. The camera has been well-received and highly-rated, with many reviewers emphasizing the app's simplicity and ease-of-use.

Halo Channel
343i Industries • 2014

Interaction designer on a new, interactive digital network for the Halo universe. Key challenges involved responsive design across platforms and devices (Xbox, Windows, mobile), and design of a system of interactive elements during video playback. More about Halo Channel...

HTC Blinkfeed
HTC Innovation Studios • 2012

Drove creation of the Blinkfeed ‘home screen’ experience introduced with HTC Sense 5. Worked as team lead and user experience designer, along with several visual and motion designers. More about HTC Blinkfeed...

HTC Sense
HTC Innovation Studios • 2008

Core member of a small team of designers responsible for creating, then evolving, the HTC Sense mobile experience. Personally responsible for designing half-a-dozen primary mobile applications (Mail, Photos, Camera, Calendar), and for ensuring user experience quality throughout the Taipei-based development process. Worked directly with global carries such as T-Mobile Int’l, Verizon and Vodafone on design customization of the HTC Sense platform. Designed for multiple device types, including phone, tablet and wearables. More about a tablet project at HTC...

Microsoft Surface 1.0
Microsoft • 2007

As an early member of the user experience incubation team at Surface, I was involved in exploring and showcasing a broad vision for the product and in designing interaction models for prototypes and consumer applications.

MSN Mobile
Surface Design Group • 1999

Responsive design for early mobile browsers.